Monday, October 10, 2011

Raping of the American public  USURY----------

If ever you are late paying your credit cards,or over limit on purchases, you get charged fees that you've agreed to. The same holds true for any other lenders you deal with. Bank overdraft fees are killing!!! Check it out... insufficient funds of  $ 204.00 for TWO WEEKS--- at most banks and you repay $386.00 !!!
The ironic part about these LEGAL lending FEES  is that they OFTEN AMOUNT  TO AS MUCH AS 1000% INTEREST ---APR-- They can literally charge what ever the hell they want!! It's legal!!!
Do you  ever hear of your congressman OR ANY POLITICIAN (who is supposed to be acting in your best interest) objecting in any fashion ,to this crap.
Seems.....The less money you have, the more you are charged....It's as though it's accepted as a modern day fact of life.............UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A credit card company that would charge a REASONABLE rate, could get lots of business, but that could never happen. A company CEO must make as much money as is absolutely possible, and accelerate EVERY YEAR,or out he goes.
Add up all the interest you've paid this year, and you'll find you've probably given away SIX MONTHS GROCERIES!!! IN INTEREST PAID.......CUT UP THOSE CREDIT CARDS!!!---KEEP ONE ONLY IF YOU MUST----USE CASH ONLY--YOU KNOW LIKE THEY DID IN THE DAYS OF THE HORSE AND BUGGY----------------------GET YOUR LIFE BACK---only you can do it-----Your government certainly wont------------

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